Black Friday Mobile Commerce

I woke up this morning and quickly checked my email. I wasn’t expecting anything important but I had not even brushed my teeth or had morning coffee and at 08:30am, my inbox was filled with Black Friday promotions. While the timestamps are no indicator when the retailer started, but it seemed that every hour I had at least by one or more.

Email Inbox

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Make the web Mobile Friendly

Mobile Web Quality

As the rush to make the web more mobile friendly, some ornery elements from the desktop web has snuck in among the shadows. The last time you tried to load a mobile web site, did it seem to take longer and longer to load? It seems that even native apps that contain advertising, such as Facebook and Bloomberg, both of which I use frequently, have lost their snappiness. Friend updates don’t load properly, text formatting looks jumbled and while finger scrolling, and I inadvertently click on an ad. Perhaps the most offensive is when music or video autoplay causing awkward moments while trying to silence the public disturbance.

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National Archives

Where Are My Docs?

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How many times have you received email on your phone and either been unable to access a document or unable to read it?  Or even if you can access it and read it, the formatting on the phone is so convoluted that it’s painful to read?  Or had the same thing happen with Dropbox?

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Apple iOS 6 – The Bugs Keep on Coming

I was standing on a corner in San Francisco looking for the closest bus stop to take to my lunch meeting.  I knew which bus I needed, but not where the stop was located or when it was coming.   So I went to launch NextBus.

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Cloud Travel

I Travel with the Clouds

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As an executive who seems to make his office almost any where I travel, it often makes me wonder why I would ever need an IT Manager again? In my backpack and with the cloud, I am the mobile enterprise, an army of one. I have my laptop, my tablet and at least two mobile phones with me as I travel to and from the office, to meetings, cafes, restaurants, airports, anywhere. WiFi abounds, and so does power outlets, and tables and chairs. What I don’t carry with me, is in the cloud. And once my tools and services are setup, the low overhead of needed a dedicated IT staff seems to be afterthought. Here are some things to consider if you want to run an unstaffed IT department in your company.

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Power in My Hands

Users vs IT: Not Just the Hardware

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So far, the discussion around enterprise users and mobile has been around “Bring Your Own Device.” As we discussed here before, software to control the devices is readily available, allowing IT to maintain a level of security for both usage such as email and for protection if the device is lost or stolen. The challenge facing organizations now centers around the use of software by enterprise users on their devices, which can be as problematic as the device security issues.

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Are Tablets the New Way to Work?

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It’s been a little more than 2 years since the Apple iPad launched and it’s been a winner. While the total tablet market is approaching 100M units shipped annually, Apple is closing in on selling 100M units itself (across all releases of iPad). While Apple’s iPad is not the only game in town, it seems that the Operating System War being waged in the Mobile Phone Theater, is also being fought in the Tablet Theater (see chart).

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Tim Cook Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5: More Speeds and Feeds

As iconic and mobile phone that is getting all the headlines and captivating the world at the moment, is the Apple iPhone 5. I like many other people tuned into the live feed from several news sites to understand the latest creation from Apple. After it was all said and done, I noticed myself shaking my head and remembering a time more than 10 years ago when I was in Enterprise software. The basic argument for the new Apple iPhone 5 is the common metaphor in technology of “Feeds and Speeds.” Intel was one of the great masters at this, selling the idea that higher speeds and a higher model number was always better — it could do more, faster and better.

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Mobile Device Management with BYOD in Mind

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Four years ago, I went to a Microsoft conference emphasizing enterprise mobile phone applications. At the tables in the conference room, at least half the participants took out two phones and set them down. One phone was a business phone, and one a personal phone, and they were sometimes identical phone models.

There were a number of reasons for this, ranging from family plans driving personal purchases to game playing during downtime to obvious work security issues. It obviously demonstrated a sub-optimal strategy for dealing with the requirements at work, offering more confusion, learning curve time, and the possibility of losing two devices instead of one.

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Social Media

Social Media Milestone 5000: Am I Smarter, Better?

I recently reached a milestone of sorts, 5000 tweets and 5000 foursquare check-ins. For most people on twitter, 5000 tweets is a small goal, but how many people also have 5000 foursquare check-ins as well?


In looking up all the tweets that I have made (twitter limited my history look up to 3196), I joined twitter on December 14, 2007 – and it took me under 5 years to get 5000. Unfortunately, due to some API access limitations, I am unable to pull up my first tweet. Nevertheless, in reviewing the content that I generated about 12% of the posts were coming my blog and 32% were retweets (RT) from other people. There’s also a smattering of foursquare activity and comments about events that I was attending.

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US Cellular Wonderphone Ad

VIDEO: Wonderphone Does It All Except Voice Calls

This funny parody about a nameless touchscreen phone does it all, except voice calls. Sad that while our smartphones can do a lot, they are definitely getting worse at voice calls.

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Can Google Sell Its Nexus Tablet?

Everyone reading this knows about the Google Nexus tablet.  It’s chock-full of hardware features and a new version of Android, that’s what we hear from press announcements and people who have used it.  I’m sure Eric will post a review soon after Mobileslate gets its hands on one and that it will turn out to be a terrific product.

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Gold Coins

Games: Mobile is the Virtual Gold

Unless you’ve spent the last week climbing Mt. Everest, you know that Zynga is hurting and one big reason why it’s hurting is the lack of strong presence in mobile games. A lot of analysts are pointing out that it’s a failing on the part of Zynga, but it’s also an indicator of a huge shift in how people play games. Riding public transportation every day, I see a lot of people engrossed in games on their phones, typically casual games. And I know many people who use tablets at home (and probably at work, but nobody will admit it) for games.

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Mobile Advertising: Location, Location, Location and Relevance

Last time out, I pointed out the major failings of mobile advertising.  Now it’s time to lay out what I see as the way for mobile advertising to be successful.

In order to be successful, mobile advertising has to accommodate the limitations of mobile devices.  The screen is small.  Data delivery can be slow.  Typing is slow and often error-prone.  And then there’s how people use the devices.  They can be away from computers, have limited attention span, and be in a hurry.

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Mobile Advertising: The Question, Not The Answer?

Reading all the studies available on the web, it’s easy to believe that mobile advertising beats every other ad medium.  Looking at my own behavior, and surveying my friends and acquaintances, I hear the opposite opinion.  Talking with friends who have apps out there, I hear that ads work for free stuff.

Having mobile advertising only work when something is free doesn’t sound like a great marketing tool.

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NFC Terminal

NFC: Not For Cellphones?

Every year, studies come out that show that NFC is the Next Big Thing in mobile, and that it is just around the corner.   Every year, the date of arrival is pushed out by another twelve months, and nothing happens.  Nokia put NFC in a phone several years ago.  Apple has patents for NFC.  But so far, it’s not happening.

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Internet Big Guns

Will Mobile 3.0 Bring Down the Internet Big Guns?

A fascinating article by Eric Jackson appeared on the Forbes website last week. Jackson questions the long-term viability of both Facebook and Google as we move beyond the old vision of the desktop web to a world dominated by mobile devices. Let’s call this new world Mobile 3.0 just to have a point of reference. Look at Mobile 1.0 as the cell phone in its original incarnation, a device that supplemented and eventually replaced the wired home phone, as the primary device for voice communications. Mobile 2.0 introduced texting, first in Europe and then in the rest of the world, and made asynchronous conversations possible. Mobile 2.0 added the mobile web but usage was limited by the hardware of the time and by poorly designed operating systems like Symbian.

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Jeff Spirer

Welcome Jeff Spirer!

I’m pleased to announce that a long time friend, Jeff Spirer, will be contributing to Mobileslate. As I have been consumed with my startup, Embee Mobile, I still remain dedicated to posting, but have found it challenging to provide content on a regular basis. He’s got some great content that he wants to write about, so stay tuned.

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