How To Unlock Samsung SGH-T919 Behold *UPDATED*

Samsung T919 Behold

UPDATED 03/05/2009

On the T-Mobile Network, to unlock the Samsung SGH-T919 (Behold):

  • Power on without SIM
  • Type in #7465625*638*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*) [See image below to see how it might look on the screen]
  • Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
  • Phone may automatically reboot

Samsung Behold Unlock Sequence

*The 8 digit code can be obtained by calling T-Mobile Technical Support and given the representative the IMEI number. In exchange they will give you the Subsidy Unlock Code.

To obtain the IMEI number press *#06# on your mobile device. The IMEI number is the first 15 digits.


Follow this link to see instructions about configuring your unlocked device for Web, IM, Java, and MMS settings.


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