WordPress 2.6.5 and A New Contender


Contender WordPress Theme I finally got around to installing the upgrade to WordPress 2.6.5. Also, a few of my friends and readers were commenting that I should look at a new theme for my blog. After a few hours surfing for some alternatives, I decided to try out Contender from Bryon Bennett. I’m still tweaking it when I can, but I would love to hear comments from people reading my blog.

Also, I’ll put out another request. If you hear about a good tool that will take my tweets from twitter (@mobileslate) and will create posts on my blog, that would be great. I tried Alex King’s Twitter Tools, but doesn’t quite work with how I have RSS feeds and WordPress pushing links to twitter. I also looked into tumblr, but probably need to spend more time with it to figure out the appropriate configuration.

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