AT&T Subsidy Unlock Handsets Class Action Lawsuit

AT&T Padlock

So the good news is that a class action lawsuit out in Cali is on the cusp of coming to a resolution, and the resolution will require AT&T to provide an unlock code for just about any phone it has sold since March 12, 1999

Source: Engadget

This should get pretty interesting. Since I have been providing subsidy unlock instructions for a while, there has been lots of comments on how to obtain the “code.” Well, it looks like it’s going to get a lots easier. But there is a catch. You have to have at least 90 days of active service to receive an unlock code. And AT&T claims that it will provide up to 5 subsidy unlock codes per year. I will be testing this in the next few days and report back to see if this really works.

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