Carnival of Mobilists #239

This week I am hosting a double-shot of Carnival of Mobilists, all right before the 2010 CTIA Fall San Francisco Conference.

First double-shot: Martin Wilson over at Indigo 102 starts us off and writes about the next Nokia and Intuit global alliance: Another nail in the coffin for directory publishers?

The opportunity in a real and trusted role as intermediary marketer for the small business is really up for grabs. I have always said that new players would emerge and stake a claim in this potentially very lucrative space – I am not convinced Google will dominate as many think, Nokia could well prevail if they play the right cards.

He also writes about Seven Shortcomings That Can Wreck Your Mobile Strategy

We concluded that many companies deserve high marks for trying to ‘think mobile’, but their execution is mediocre at best.

Carlo Longino, Community Manager from WIP interviews Terry Hughes and Tom Mullen from Widality as it recently acquired Wmode.

Antoine RJ Wright writes about Symbian and the Case of Growing Noticeable

What can Symbian do to be noticeable, at least to the point of being respected and somewhat near the lips of the (supposed) techie-elite/mobile-authority-thought-leaders?

Enrique Ortiz gets us thinking about usingFacebook APIs to aid in our mobile development efforts on the Telefonica Developer Community.

Simon Holland, Alcatel-Lucent Director of Mobile Advertising Solutions EMEA writes about how Mobile Operators should execute their Marketing Strategy.

While mobile operators say they are confident that mobile marketing represents a huge opportunity and a way for them to make the inevitable shift from access to audience (as they evolve from network providers to service providers), most are not prepared to put more than a toe in the water until mobile marketing accounts for roughly €100 million in revenues.

Dean Bubley over at Disruptive Wireless comments about how mobile phones won’t ever replace PCs.

Chetan Sharma has a great summary about his Mobile Future Forward event

Companies who have a better understanding of the customer via sophisticated analytics and can quickly take the solutions and products that consumer want and need gain long-term competitive advantage.

Ajit Jaokar at his blog Open Gardens writes about: The converged future of the Web, Cloud, mobility and sensors: A polymath approach

In an age of specialization, there are very few polymaths who can see many different domains and more importantly can see the interconnections between these domains.

Our second double-shot is from Sachendra Yadav where he writes about MiFi devices will be short lived and Facebook should build a mobile phone

Mobile is going to become the biggest delivery platform and they control their own destiny instead of relying on Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone which have their own social agendas that’s bound to undermine Facebook in the long term.

And last, but certainly not least, Peggy Anne Salz talks about
American Millennials Accept Mobile Advertising, Want Empowerment

I always love being in the know, especially knowing before everybody else does. My friends call me ‘Mr Exclusive’ because I’m always trying to learn what’s coming out before the mainstream or before anybody knows about it.

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