Vizio Tablet – Unboxed from Costco $329

There has been a lot of talk and fanfare about Vizio entering the tablet market. Engadget reported that Walmart had the device in their system, priced at $349.

Today I went down to Costco and picked up the Vizio tablet for $329.99. The store I went to had 30 of them in inventory. Costco has it for $20 cheaper and available *before* Walmart! When you walk into the giant warehouse and wander around the TVs and PCs you won’t find it on display. At time of writing, there was only the Acer Iconia and HP Touchpad on display. If you want to grab one, you’ll have to ask a Supervisor, who is on the other side of the Cashiers, when trying to check out. As you can see from the receipt, this is the exact same model: VTAB1008. There is also an Accessories Pack for sale ($39.99) that includes a case, SD card and I believe some headphones, but was not that interested. It took a while for them to find it in the secure products area, the guy told me that the tablets were still sitting in the larger box/pallet.

Briefly checking the website, the site shows that the product is unavailable for purchase. The Vizio website, however is taking orders.

In true disclosure, I have known about the tablet coming to market for a while now as one of the company’s that I am consulting, TouchType, is the default keyboard and engine behind the device. Below are the photos from the unboxing.

Vizio Tablet box

Vizio Tablet - back side

Vizio Tablet - startup screen

Vizio Tablet - language choices for North America

Vizio Tablet - embedded SwiftKey keyboard and engine

Vizio Tablet - This is the Home Screen, all apps right there

The Vizio Tablet is running Gingerbread (Android 2.3.2) and the UI is consistent with the Vizio VIA Televisions.

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