The iPhone 5: More Speeds and Feeds

As iconic and mobile phone that is getting all the headlines and captivating the world at the moment, is the Apple iPhone 5. I like many other people tuned into the live feed from several news sites to understand the latest creation from Apple. After it was all said and done, I noticed myself shaking my head and remembering a time more than 10 years ago when I was in Enterprise software. The basic argument for the new Apple iPhone 5 is the common metaphor in technology of “Feeds and Speeds.” Intel was one of the great masters at this, selling the idea that higher speeds and a higher model number was always better — it could do more, faster and better.

In advertising one of the saying that come to mind is “selling the sizzle, before the steak.” Apple has proven over and over again that it knows how to sizzle and sell extremely appealing devices. Unfortunately, when you peel back the layers, that is the simple final analysis. Apple Fanboys reading this are probably shunning me at this point, shouting that IT’S MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Followed by a rattling of at least half a dozen new things that come with the new device.

Apple iPhone 5 Camera

  • A6 Processor (double the CPU performance and two times faster graphics) – Speed and Feed
  • 4″ Retina Display (1136 x 640) – Feed
  • LTE Wireless Network – Speed and Feed
  • Lightning dock interface – Speed and Feed
  • 8MP Camera (3264×2448) – Feed
  • and the list goes on
    and on
    with the same theme.

Historically and even with this New Product Introduction, Apple is not a Leader, but a Follower. Few people remember the Diamond Rio PMP 300 which launched in September 1998, compared to Apple’s iPod, which launched three years later. Similar with the smartphone – the Nokia Communicator 9000, arguably one of the first on the market, was released in 1996, and the Palm Treo was released in 2002, 11 and 5 years, respectively, before the launch of the iPhone.

So will the iPhone 5 be a success? Yes. The following is too great. Millions will upgrade and millions more will get their first iPhone. But if you are looking for innovation or what the future might be, look to Samsung and Nokia. Things like wireless charging and NFC are just some of the future innovations coming to the handsets, now.

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