KeyProp: Selfie and Kickstand for your Mobile


You out and about by yourself and you decide to stop for a coffee and a snack. While you sip your coffee in one hand, you’re trying to hold your phone to read some email or just watch a quick video clip. But it’s awkward. And who wants to hold your phone while eating? You need two hands to eat! Well, KeyProp is here to rescue those awkward situations. My good friend, Alison Wong, is the designer and creator behind KeyProp. She loves taking selfies and needed a better way to take them with her phone. She tried lots of different products out there, but in the end, making it yourself was the way to go.

keyprop02I found it incredible easy to take along with me as I added it to my set of keys. When it restaurants or cafes, it always gets attention from passersby who remark on the “cool” or “neat” design. The app that comes with the KeyProp is also pretty useful and even in a fairly noisy cafe, it still responds to the clap of my hand. Another great use is as a kickstand to prop up my tablet which plays cartoons and video clips that keep my little one entertained when we are dining out. The compact design doesn’t take up much space in a sea of plates, glasses and silverware on the table.

All I have to do now is wait for the Android app to be out as the Camera app is only available for iPhone. So if you want to grab one of these, check out the Kickstarter site to order one for yourself.

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