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Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C#

Podcast: Developing iPhone Applications

Mobile Presence Podcast
Air Date: July 14, 2010
On an all new episode of Mobile Presence, Cindy and Eric interview Martin Bowling, co-author of ‘Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C#’. They discuss one of developers hottest topics, easy and efficient ways to develop iPhone applications, using tools you already know.
Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C#


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2010 Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius and Apple iPhone 4, Not Yet Compatible

2010 Toyota Prius

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ShanZhaiJi – The World of Custom but “Fake” Working Mobile Phones


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Sun Microsystems Executives in 1987

Images From Sun Executives

1987 Sun Microsystems Executives
Credit: Jalopnik

Check out those big mobile phones they are sporting!

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Mobile Upgrades Updates and More

Upgrade Week

This week was a pretty big week in terms of mobile tech happenings. There were a lot of events, conferences, and news worthy things that kept me busy. But it just goes to show that mobile continually gains momentum and the battle to launch products and services each week becomes critical to gain some attention in the spotlight.

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Samsung bada

Samsung bada San Francisco

Samsung bada Developer

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